The Twin Cities Old English Sheepdog Club was established in 1968. Our members are involved in many activities including Conformation, Herding, Agility,Obedience and Rally just to name a few. Our members are dedicated to the preservation and education of our breed.


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Translational biomedicine home aims and scope editorial board submit manuscript become a reviewer tbm video lectures skip to main | skip to sidebar the incidence of head and neck cancers in the republic of suriname between the years 1980 and 2004 dennis ricardo august mans, jerry r. Toelsie, robbert bipat, rakesh bansie, martinus albert vrede department of pharmacology, faculty of medical sciences. Anton de kom university of suriname. Kernkampweg 5, paramaribo, suriname. viagra generico mexico comprar Department of physiology, faculty of medical sciences. viagra after drinking alcohol Anton de kom university of suriname. Kernkampweg 5, paramaribo, suriname. buy viagra Department of pathology, faculty of medical sciences. viagra generico mexico comprar Anton de kom university of suriname. Kernkampweg 5, paramaribo, suriname. Background: the development of head and neck cancers is associated with extensive use of tobacco and/or tobacco-like products and alcohol; excessive consumption of processed meat and fish; exposure to certain occupational hazards; and infection with certain oncogenic viruses. viagra generico mexico comprar At least some of these risk factors are operative in the republic of suriname. This suggests that the population may run a greater than average risk for head and neck cancers. In this study, the incidence of this group of cancers in suriname has been determined for 1980 through 2004. viagra online pills The data obtained have been stratified according to anatomical location, gender, age, as well as ethnic background, and compared with global values. Methods and findings. viagra dosage uk Numbers of diagnoses and patient information were from the pathologic anatomy laboratory. Relevant population data were provided by the general bureau of statistics. Crude and/or sex-specific incidence rates were calculated for head and neck cancers overall as well as for all anatomical sites (oral cavity; salivary glands; nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses; nasopharynx, oropharynx, as well as hypopharynx; and larynx), and were stratified according to gender, age strata 0-19, 20-49, and 50+ years, and the largest ethnic groups, viz. Hindustani, creole, and javanese. From these data, average incidence rates were calculated which were expressed as means ± sds per year, per 100,000 population per year, or per 100,000 males or females per year. Average yearly crude rates for head and neck cancers overall were approximately 4, and average yearly sex-specific rates about 5 in men and 2 in women. The most common sites were oral cavity, nasopharyngeal, and laryngeal cancer, occurring at average frequencies of about 4, 3, and 3 cases, respectively, per year. Overall head and neck cancers as well as most anatomical sites were 2-3 time. discussion of generic viagra low price viagra